My Farewell

You might know, or you might not know it yet, but the fact is, I’ve moved to work in a different company now. And so last Thursday – precisely last week, I had my farewell dinner with colleagues from previous office.  My sincerest thanks should go to my boss, who had generously thrown that dinner celebration (and paid for the bill, haha!). Well, farewell isn’t always easy. In one way, they’re happy for me (or so I hope) to know that I’m moving on to somewhere else better, but it’s also a bit ‘sad’ to let me walk away from the team (and all the work and responsibilities should be handed to someone else now).

Here’s us after we were done with the dinner, most of division members. Though not everyone could attend the dinner that night, it was a memorable night. J

After the dinner, the initial plan was to go to the Karaoke and spent the night singing out loud through the night.  It turned out then, most of us wouldn’t be able to stay long, so we canceled the plan. I went back to the office then cleaned my desk up. I was the only one who left that night  – not counting the security officers though.

So I cleaned up my desk alone. And that somehow brought my sentimental side out. I went home with at least four packs to carry – I had my handbag with me, then a pile of books and papers, then two other canvas bags, and a yoga mattress. Quite a load of stuff, that is. From 2 years and 10 month of work, and the latest 1 year on the same desk, I think it’s reasonable amount of ‘trash’ one can accumulate :P

The day after, which was Friday, I actually still showed up in the office, for it’s my actual official last day (the dinner had to be on Thursday for the boss wouldn’t be able to present if it’s on Friday).

I want it to be a sweet farewell, and I’d love my ex-colleague to have good memory of me, so I bought donuts for my colleagues (kinda like bribing them, huh?). About 4.30pm I blasted my farewell email, and then I go to each desk/cubicle and bid them my farewell. It wasn’t that sentimental, just like I want it. After the official farewell, then I did what I almost forgot to do: blasting emails to clients. Telling them I’m off from the company, and wish them (us all) success. And that takes quite a while, so I left a bit late, joining the gathering/event at fx. I got an extra box of donuts and I bring it along to share with friends I met later.

That was quite a farewell. But I tell you what, I am truly excited to start to work at the new place, I started work the coming Monday, no extra holiday for me, just regular weekend – Saturday and Sunday. Oh, the weekend itself got so much more to tell, which I’m gonna put in another blog post.  Watch for it!


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