My Singapore Trip

The week before last week, on January 13-15 to be precise, I went to Singapore with few of my friends. Though in Singapore I did hang around with my friends (and my family, by luck), I actually traveled to SG solo. And I was sick that time. Well, not that sick, but my allergic reactions was started the night before I left, and that was VERY annoying. 

Nevertheless, my sis said I looked damned good in picture as a sick traveler *wahaha* and I’m more than glad to share a few of my best shots taken there. It’s just good that you can’t see how bad my skin appeared when it got very itchy. It’s red and swelling like when you got bitten by a mosquito, but it goes wherever on my body when my skin got scratched, pressed too hard, and perhaps when exposed to dust. But that’s not what I wanna show here. So here comes the pic!

This is me while walking around Clarke Quay. I bring a jacket and mostly I wear it, to avoid touching strange surfaces and got that allergic reaction back. When the pic taken I was removing the jacket because it get’s too hot. 

Below’s what I capture during lunch, and still around Clarke Quay :D

Not so yummy lunch, though it looks good!

Boat on the river *is it a river?*

And here’s my friends who had good time with me while we’re in Singapore. We went to Botanical Garden then to Borders (pic was taken in Borders, of course). There are extra pics but not in my album (mostly in my friend’s FB) because my battery was drained so I didn’t take much pics.

Saving the best for the last, this is my other favorite picture, taken in Botanical Garden. Lovely colors, aren’t they? :D – It’s almost like an ideal spot for a prewedding pictures.. haha.. 

I had good time in Singapore, and especially because my sister and niece were there too, and also her parents in law. In spite of the allergic reaction, those few days off from work gives fresh air and fresh mood to me. Hopefully will have some trip like this soon, though not in the next three months, probably. 

So, any of you had a trip lately?

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