Hey, It’s Been 10 Years

Got this notification from WordPress, under the section “older than a week”. I can’t find the real date of this notification.

Apparently this blog has lived for 10 years long. With total of 230 posts before this one… averaging the numbers, it would be 23 post per year. But that is not what had happened.

For the past 2 years and 1 month, I’ve been neglecting this blog, eventhough I’m subscribed to the premium plan. Such a waste of money, you say? Yes, I know. I didn’t stop the auto-recurring. Somehow I’m tempted to keep the domain name for this blog, and that’s why I let the subscription continue.

Anyway, this is not my only space to write and publish a note. Last March I posted a pretty long rant, somewhere else. So it’s true I’m not in this blog.. but I didn’t stop writing at all. And tonight I have this urge to write again, just because it’s December 5th. My last post was posted on November 5th. So it’s not a coincidence that I know for sure it’s been two years and month.

Now back to writing. I suppose this urge to write (to type) resurfaced as the after effect of watching a movie last night, it was Korean movie titled Kim Ji-Young Born 1982. May take out from the movie is: Do what makes you happy. The main character of the movie, comes back to writing, she became a writer and published her writing (or book?) in the movie.

Me? I asked myself today several times.
What makes me happy?
What relieves me when I’m feeling under?

I attended a social event this morning.
I got back to worked.
I mentored my team mate at office. I chatted and laughed.
I also had impromptu shopping today. There’s this warm overcoat in the store I visited, its price is hacked by 50%, so I decided to buy it. And I took a Christmas-y earrings too, and a roller. Totally unplanned.

I consider the coat as a very good deal, it’s cold today at the office. My hands now are still cold although they have turned off the aircon since 7pm (it’s 10.30pm now). Well, about my cold hands, I guess I’m also a bit under the weather. I feel a bit more tired than usual since weekend. And tired emotionally too, not just physically. Subconsciously, I’m searching for things to relieve myself.

And there’s this writing from a friend titled “On Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Other” really got me there.

Things are a bit rough these days. So I should take care of myself first. You can read more about it in her writing there. She already wrote it beautifully, so I’m now taking my break first now.

By the way, I no longer use Spotify Premium starting the beginning of this year. I felt a bit estranged today watching everyone flaunts their Year 2019 in Spotify everywhere, while I don’t have one that I really like to share.

It’s just a minor thing but it made me felt.. I’m different.

And that should be okay.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

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