JCF Blogger Dinner Story

What’s JCF? Some friends I know thought that JCF is related to some photography event *grin*, but it’s actually stands for Jakarta Culinary Festival. It’s an annual festival and last for (almost) a whole month, which was 5-30 November, held by Ismaya Group. More of the festival can be read over here. Yeah, too bad it’s ended already, but here’s something I wanna share and might intrigue you to mark your calendar next year for the next JCF.

It’s the JCF Blogger Dinner!!!
I was invited to their closing event, a talk show on “Eat, Drink & Write” and a seven courses  dinner by celebrated chefs. Oh I wouldn’t want to miss that, for sure! *bahkan sampai bela-belain naik ojek biar gak telat ke venue.. tapi ini lain cerita* Anyway, I made it to arrive punctually.. and the talk show started kinda late actually.. Oh well. Not that late, fortunately. Lucky me, I got a friend from twitter, @dessey, to chat with during waiting. That was my first time meeting with her, and I enjoyed her company a lot :D. 


Here’s the table set for our dinner ^^

There were Ivan Sielegar from Goorme.com, Ezra ST the food writer, and Himawan Sutanto from thefoodtography.com as guests of the talk show. Not bad at all, especially the 3rd speaker who gave tips on taking pictures of food. Oh by the way, it appeared to me that most food bloggers there are actually into photography as well. I saw so many ‘big’ cameras.. and those guys are talking about cameras, beyond my poor knowledge.. *jadi cengo aja kalau ada yang bahas kamera* *hoping someday I’ll get one for myself as well*. Except for the small font on the screen during Wawan’s presentation, the short lesson was useful enough to me. 

Highlight points from these three speakers for me: We gotta be proud of Indonesian original culinary and treasure them (Ivan Sielegar). It’s the food, the taste, that will make a restaurant famous and last in business (Ezra ST), and lastly: shoot with taste (Himawan Sutanto).


Here’s when the three volunteers tried to make their own sushi roll.

After the three speakers, we had a sushi making demonstration by chef Hugo Adrian, chef of Blowfish. Unfortunately we didn’t taste his work, and I wasn’t among the lucky three guys who tried making sushi themselves under the chef’s guidance. Making sushi looks simple, but when you try it yourself, apparently it’s not that as easy :D.


And how was the dinner? 
One thing for sure, I got satiated, so full, that I couldn’t finish all the main courses *sad sobs*. When we started the dinner, we were all definitely very hungry, 8pm and dinner hasn’t started! But at the end.. oh dear, too full to eat even another bite, except the dessert, lol. We had cold and hot appetizer, light and warm to start the meal with. Love the hot appetizer btw. Followed by tomato soup and then pasta. At this point I was quite full already. Then the main courses, which were fish and then followed by meat menu. I couldn’t finish both of them! Oh pity me.. all of them were delicious food, for sure. But frankly some of the subtle flavors didn’t manage to delight my taste-buds perfectly since I still had flu with me. Anyway.. the dinner was ended with a green tea cake dessert, which I finished successfully *hihihi*. 

Overall, it was a pleasant night with too many good food. Glad that I also get to know with several other bloggers aside from @dessey, namely IvanRuby and Michelle. You might want as well check their blogs for their own words on how the dinner was :) 


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