Gadgets of Daily Life

How many gadgets do you have in your daily life?

Earlier today when I packed my stuff to go off from office, a friend of mine made a comment on all the things I tried to put in my bag.

She: Banyak banget sih bawaannya!

Me: *looking at my stuff and can’t think of any smart reply. 
Iya sih.. Gua mustinya belajar bawa sedikit barang nih.. kayak loe.

She: Tapi kalau elo sih emang kepake semuanya yah?

Me: Ya memang dipakai.. *muka pasrah

.. Well, I do have to admit that I do carry a lot of things with me, even for my daily girly bag. Even for the SMALL girly bag I carry with me today. I even borrowed an additional ex-goodie-bag to contain all the stuffs I wanted to bring. And eventually I realize it was all gadgets that I have, that occupy my bag, along with the complementary accessories.

Let’s try to make a list, starting from the mobile phones/smartphones. I have a BlackBerry, Javeline type. It functions as my data center, supposedly. I receive my emails there, my primary accounts are well registered to its push-email service, including office email, and my main personal emails. The contacts are synch-ed with Google Sync, including emails and phone numbers. But I rarely use this gadget for phone calling or either texting. I got quite a number of online apps there: Twitter for BB, UberTwitter, SocialScope, FaceBook, FourSquare, WordPress, gempaloka, YM, Gtalk etc. Basically it’s for almost anything, but not phonecalls and text messages (mostly).

Phonecalls and text messages are served with another gadget, an old Sony Ericsson M600i, black coloured. I put my primary mobile phone number here, for a reason : I want to differentiate the gadget I use for data services (emails, browsing etc) and the gadget I use for receiving calls, so that I avoid any phonecall failure caused by data traffic. But, just in case, any unanswered calls would be diverted to my BlackBerry number.

Then I have another mobile phone I also use for phonecalling, but this one is a CDMA phone. I’m using this one to call fixed lines, and also for backup number whenever the GSM signal is weak, or when I’m running out of credit for my GSM numbers.

So there are three mobile phones, and just recently, I acquired a new gadget : a 32 GB iPod Touch. Emm, by the way, calling it iTouch is not recommended since another product with similar name has been launched. 

So what is this iPod Touch for? I use it for music player, video player, and funnest thing of all, for gaming. And for browsing if I happen to have free wi-fi access. I can actually use it as well as a remote mouse and remote control for iTunes in my iBook. And if there’s more ways to utilize this gadget, I’m still looking forward on it.

There you go, four gadgets. But that’s not yet everything of what I usually carry with me. Along with these gadgets, I bring along the most needed chargers : BB and SE, and then the earphones  and data cables for BB and iPod Touch. I put the gadgets in a softcase pouch, and the cables and everything in a separated pouch. With the cables and chargers, I also bring along my CDMA modem, to get me online from my laptop, then a mobile charger along with its additional plugs, and my flashdisks. Oh, I also have a portable harddisk with its own softcase, usually it won’t fit in the pouch, so it stays outside alone.

Please note that I’ve crossed the CDMA phone charger and power plug from the mobile charger. Also, the internet banking tokens is not in above list as well.. not that it makes huge differences.

Very well, then. How about you?

Feel free to leave your comment!

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