Happy Endings


During the weekend I happened to watch two local movies shown on a certain TV station, both with the same classic theme: Love Story. One tells about an unblessed couple, which in the end got the parent’s blessings anyway, the other one tells about a betrothed couple, who didn’t love each other in the beginning, with so many misunderstandings along the way, but in the end fell in love anyway to each other. Ah, so easy to guess.

What benefits would this kind of entertainment give? Love illusion to the young ones?

I fear that as my age keep adding on, I’m getting more bitter. I start to lose faith in love stories like those in the movies. And I look at those movies with some disgust. Love is to fight for, a relationship is something you work together on, things are gonna be hard and tough, and even starting to find the one and falling in love is not as easy as the movie tells us. *sigh


Majority of people, we, love happy endings.

But it’s not what always happened in real life. 

Just my morning thought.. 

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