To Forget, To Remember, To Accept, or To Be Silent

Once I was told, forgetting something could only happen when you got knocked on your head, and you got an amnesia. That’s an almost total loss of the memory you’ve ever owned, total wipe out. Still though, you have slim chance to recover the memory, you know like those in the movies.All the things you say you’ve forgotten, is in the memory, but you lost track of it. Childhood memories.. heart breaking memories.. (such as broken-heart case).. is dig-able in your mind. For an example.. by hypnosis. That’s what I heard.


So, do we really forget? 

I don’t know for sure. Maybe we’ll never know for sure. 

How you ever measure the depth of someone’s mind and someone’s heart?

In the other hand, there are also other things we’d like to remember with all our mind, with all our heart, but still slipping out of our brain. You name it, anniversary dates, your beloved one’s birthday, the first date, the birthday bash, the graduation.. whatever. Different person treasure different memory. Some memory stays, but some gets away. Why?

Forgetting then, could be a blessing in disguise, could also be a curse – extremely speaking. 

For all those traumatic and heart breaking memories, which scarred our heart and mind, this is what I was told : It takes bigger heart to let the bad memories to stay in your mind, not remembering them in purpose, but eventually accept them as part of your past, who make yourself the way you are now. I won’t go as far as to “learn from them”, it might be too hard to say at times.. 

But when we can’t forget it, and we shouldn’t remember it.. then what?

There’s an Indonesian acronym from a famous leader in the past: JAS MERAH. “Jangan sampai melupakan sejarah” – Should not forget history.

History builds us now, but the bitter pain is there too, and it’s too hurtful to talk about the bitter stains of history.. 

It arises pro and contra reactions, it could lead to us breaking apart.. 

Is silence the answer?

I’m getting all mixed up here.

Giving myself time to ponder on these matters.

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