This and That

I just updated my blog’s theme. One blog at one time. Yes, I do have several registered blogs, in case you’re wondering and interested. With just one or two right clicks you might find a list for some of them. 

Updating the theme is kinda stressing. Too little options. I want it with the the font I like, the colour I like. But apparently here we can’t have everything once altogether with their so limited options. Ha. Have to bear with it for now. 

My BlackBerry is officially one year old. I got it last year, May 13th. Noon, during lunch hour. Just replaced the trackball on Sunday, May 9th. So you can say I’m pretty clean in using my BB. Also, I’ve upgraded the OS myself, to version 592. Am pretty much proud because I did it myself, with remote help/consultation. No need to spend like 200k to upgrade it in a BB clinic somewhere in Ambassador or Plangi. 


I’ve made no progress with the Dvorak keyboard. I even removed my printed Dvorak layout from my desk at office. Still interested to learn it.. but not yet practising anymore. Perhaps in June?

Need to do some shopping and packing, for my trip to Philippine. I promised to take pictures and even write a journal about my trip. It’s gonna be a semi-backpacking trip, alone, to visit my relatives there. And I definitely gonna visit the beach over there. 

Still awake and not sleeping, 3.20 am in the morning. I’m afraid I’ll go to work without sleeping.. or mere 2 hours sleeping, maximum. 

Wish you a happy Friday!

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