It’s Been Two Months

Just saw that my latest post here was about me taking a blood test / check up, for the healthy lifestyle competition held by SoyJoy. And that was two months ago. 

Just the day before yesterday, May 6, they closed the votes for the ten finalists and announced who passed as the top 5 finalists. I didn’t get through, haha.. Well, as much as I too also wish to win the grand prize, which is a trip to Japan, I’m already grateful enough that I had a chance to be one of the ten finalists. For the freebies, we got free membership at fitness centre for six months, vouchers for massage in a well-known spa, and regular stock of SoyJoy snacks. But what’s more precious than that, I actually have to say, is the healthy eating habit.

Last night I ate my late dinner at a fast food fried chicken restaurant. And it kinda.. surprised me, freaked me, that I don’t really like the taste now. Too salty. And definitely too oily. I don’t eat this fried chicken regularly, but I remember that I did like it. Quite a lot.
Just the day before I also got a free lunch box, again from another fast food chain restaurant. And that too, I’ve been noticing lately, is not up to my taste. I could feel the medicine-like after taste for too long after I ate the food, especially the fried ones. That occurs even when I only have just a bite, I tell you. What is wrong with my taste buds?

I’m not very certain at this point that I’m totally turned into a healthy-minded eater. I still love that burger’s taste from the other night, see. (Or maybe the burger itself has good quality?) But that I’m picky, yeah I think I am. I’ve been picky about my food ever, I have to admit. Hard to please, ever since as a kid, and doesn’t like to try new food. Please don’t get surprised if one day you found out that there are fruits I’ve never tasted before in my life. 

Back to the healthy eating habit. What I mean with my habit is getting better, actually refers to my food selection. The other factor, the regular schedule of food consumption, I’m afraid, has not been established yet. Just a simple example would be about the bread selection. I’m a bread eater and I like types of bread. Now I usually choose wheat bread, or white bread without much ‘chemicals’ that help the bread to be fluffy and puffy. The rougher the texture, the better. It means more fibre, and more natural, I hope. And another thing, I look for more veggies that I used to. It’s for the fibre as well. 

Also, I reduce the amount of food I eat. People say, stop eating before you’re full, for it helps not to overburden your digestion system. With proper quantity of food you consume, your system would work its optimum. It is the best, compared to overburdened system, or an empty stomach with too much enzymes that it starts to hurt itself. Generally, I eat less of everything now. In portion, but I’m still open to menu variation. The obvious parameter would be the rice. Yes, I’ve been reducing the amount of rice that I eat and yes, it’s true that sometimes I miss the way it taste, especially combined with Indonesian’s best traditional food. So sometimes, when I grant myself a cheating day, I eat rice as much as I like, or anything else that I want, no limitations. That’s why it’s called cheating day, right? Overall, though, I’m more into pasta and bread now. 

Okay, with me kicked out of competition, let’s sum up the effects I have this far. Compared with two months ago, I’m a bit slimmer, some (if not most) people say. I actually skipped the gym many times, haha.. But it’s really nice when I do exercises and I do like it. I love when I’m sweating from working out, then taking a refreshing warm shower. Since the membership’s still valid for another three months.. hope I’ll put a good use on it. Been off for another 2-3 weeks actually because of my sickness *sheepish smile*. Yeah, I’m not with perfect health, I had flu, tonsilitis and now am suffering cough. I’ll be back to the gym this week *note to self*
Lastly, the ultimate one, would be the changed/improved eating habit. I will keep sticking on it, hopefully with improvements, and will try to keep it like forever. Wish me luck :).

I guess it’s time to move now (away from the keyboard), so that’s it for now. 
Till next time, hopefully soon.

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