Blood Test

I just had my blood tested last Saturday. It was not something that I did because I felt like to, but instead I was supposed to. It is a part of procedure required by this competition I’ve joined. I suppose tomorrow I will know what is the result of my blood test, and see whether I’m pretty much healthy or not.

One of the tests they did on my blood must be the sugar blood level. I’m certain of it because I was obliged to have a fasting period for about 10 to 12 hours prior to the blood test. So after my dinner on Friday night, I restrained myself to eat anything else until the next morning. The only thing that I could consume was plain water. Fasting turned to be quite hard. I got hungry in the middle of the night but I shouldn’t eat. My poor stomach grumbled a lot that night. 

The next morning I left home pretty early to the lab and there they got my blood taken. The thing I feared most, was when the medical guy had to insert the needle into me. I can’t remember when was the last time I had injection or got my blood taken. Oh, injection inside my mouth –for tooth minor surgery- shouldn’t be counted. 

I was pretty tense when my turn came, and I kept telling myself I should be relax. I prepared my right hand, and was pretty glad that my blood vessel was quite easy to spot, the colour was pretty obvious to see. When the needle was inserted, I kept my eyes closed, and tried to controll my breath. I was lucky! The medical guy was proven good enough with his needle that I didn’t feel pain! I even dared myself to open my eyes and saw how the red liquid flowing out from my body. 

But then I saw the medical guy removed the tube from the needle, while needle was still attached, and he took another tube. Ugh. That means he took like two tubes of my blood. I got nervous and closed back my eyes, hoping that it would end sooner than I hoped for. Thank Lord that next he removed the needle, also without causing any pain to me. 

Physical check also followed after, and that one was done smoothly. One thing that I found rather disturbing was just when my height measurement resulted in 167cm. Well I’m usually measured 169cm-ish tall, so where did that 2cm go? Am I getting wider or what? Geez..With less height and more weight (yea I did gain weight) that means that I’m wider. Ouch.

However that discovery didn’t affect me much. Perhaps not yet. After the blood test and whole serial of check up, my hungry stomach won. I had a very nice breakfast-lunch at nearby Sundanese Restaurant. You can see it from my meal picture (to be added later).

As for the test result? Tomorrow I’m gonna face it, while meeting the EO team and those person behind this competition. Pray I’m pretty much healthy. And still could build up a more healthier life style. Keep in touch…

2 thoughts on “Blood Test

  1. Tell me about that 2cm deh. I am officially 165 now when I used to think that I was 167. Hiks….Let’s not get started about weight.

  2. I avoid the weight topic on purpose, hahaha.. Though sooner or later it will be exposed in that SoyJoyHealthylicious program *gulp* XD

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