Luck Factor

How much “faith” do you have in the Fortune Goddess?
Or in prayer?
How many times would you pray for a wish you have so dearly until you got convinced you will get what you wish for?

… Do you actually need such faith? Is it not just based on your pure luck, sometimes?

I recently joined a competition/event/contest called SoyJoyHealthylicious.
Leaving the promotional intentions aside, I joined because of interest of the gifts they offer, and of curiosity. After registering, I didn’t bother too much of what’s going on afterwards, and didn’t regularly check the website, unlike several others might have been doing.

But I would have to say I’ve been lucky. Last week I got into their list 50 candidates of finalists, beating the rest of 7141 participants. And just this afternoon, they announced the 10 finalists, and my name is in the list as well! I’m filled with joy, excitement, and amusement. Amused of.. how could I be chosen? How lucky of me.. *smile

I didn’t wish it too hard,
I actually even didn’t pray at all to “win”.
Do I really just got lucky?
And now that it starts to sound a bit conceited,
am I wrong if I got proud for my luck?

Anyhow anyway, I am in the list of finalists and I would celebrate that fact *cheers!!. In effect, for the next three months I need to blabs more and carrying their programme banner virtually almost everywhere. And in real, I will start working out in gym. And more…

Uh, I’m cheering and embracing myself at same time.
Forward on, girl!!


4 thoughts on “Luck Factor

  1. Wow… selamat Bu. Masuk finalist. Ku jg daftar tanpa mengharapkan kemungkinan, tp bedanya keberuntungan berpihak pada ibu

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