The Long Weekend, and Indonesia’s Birthday

PMS Strikes!!
A friend tweeted that, I saw it yesterday, or the day before. And quite funnily, someone else replied her, amused. He at first could not find which political party is PMS. Then he realized… hahaha…
Before this long weekend, PMS also stroke me. Worst was on Tuesday. Right just before I went for a training on Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Friday, things went better, mood was getting higher. It’s a great momentum to start the long weekend, back with family, with all the family occasion waiting.

We attended my cousin’s pre-wedding day ceremony on Friday night. Then the wedding on Saturday noon. And wedding reception, Saturday night. Family gathered. It was good to see them again, aunties, uncles, cousins.. etc.. but it wasn’t that fun to have them all keep asking; me in particular; about my turn. Hah! I just occupied myself with my niece. Helped my sister to babysit her together. She’s so cute, and very active. You should see her pics in my Facebook account.

Anyway. Then Sunday came. I don’t have any special plan prepared to spend the rest of Sunday or Monday. Except for choir on Sunday noon, and a TU on Monday. With that unclear situation thought I just go back, and spend more time with family. Only thing is, apparently my friends came up with something to do tonight, of which I have to turn down. And here I am back in Bogor. At home.
Twitter or my UberTwitter, or the provider’s signal is not behaving their best today. Hhhh..

Almost forget, on Indonesia’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Indonesia. :)
Some people say it feels different. Perhaps due to the #IndonesiaUnite movement. Well I might feel a bit different. Added nationalism caused by recent activities in Twitterverse. But tonight as I sat here on the sofa within my family members, and watching my lovely Niece so noisy and actively annoying my laptop (she’s very much interested with cables), I have to confess that what matters the most now, is the homey feeling. And feeling like to share it.

I’m not sure if I do make much sense now. Will be back later when I do have more inspiration to write better.

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