Expect the unexpected

Live your life the fullest.

Actually I just want to make a simple note of how one should be grateful. Me, in this case. And it would relate to my involvement in the world of Twitter, or Twitterverse, some says. I was reluctant to join, in the beginning. I thought I already quite super busy with what's already in my life. And I got Facebook account already, so I didn't think twitter would be something useful. But when in the end I decided to join, and I followed quite a lot of people there -both I know or I didn't know before-… it was like an enlightment. There are many awesome character that I found. Unique. And, through following these people, I was also introduced (or re-introduced) to the blogworld. Just another door to open my mind. So many stories and views they'd poured on their writings. I am awed. I feel again so small to see their broad mind, their great analyst, their expressive and sharp words. Haha.. the world is so big and so small. Depends on the way we look at it.

I'm blessed and grateful. And actually still learning how to write better. I need this, perhaps as my therapy. As a way to channel my busy mind. Who knows. I'm trying to expect the unexpected.

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