Almost midnight in the Capital.

Weekend was not so wonderful, but it was okay. My weekend started earlier because on Friday I called for a sick leave. Well my head was not in the best condition since the beginning of last week. Felt it started in Monday, worse by night.. Tuesday somehow it's gone, but back on Wednesday. Thursday I made it to work half day, noon to 5, then straight home to take rest, when office suddenly got rushed by an urgent call. Emergency status at one client's office. And it's apparently involving me. I didn't have a great night that Thursday. Tried to rest but got a bothered mind.. You figure it out.

Friday morning I woke up still with a bothered mind and head, and so I decided to take a sick leave. Not that it means I'm free of work stuff. Office or work related people still called me. I managed to rest pretty well till the afternoon. I even kept monitoring my email, thanks to the Berry and my modem (that was meant to be in sarcastic tone, haha), I replied some emails, although not all, also answered phonecalls.. Well.. not a 100% rest, not really a healing time that I expect, but anyway, staying in my warm room almost all the day, it affected me. Hopefully towards the better condition.

That Friday I went back to my hometown, to spend more time relaxed, and with some people around me, so I could stay a bit social in reality. Spent most of the time at home, with TV, or with the mobile phone, or with laptop, or sleeping. Well I didn't go to sleep early, my bad. But I woke up late both on Saturday and Sunday, so you can say I had enough sleep.
Now am back in the capital since late afternoon. I stayed in my room and read a lot. In internet. And it gave me some inspiration of what to write. In a moment, perhaps.
This weekend report is just a prelude.

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