Refining Blogging

What is a blog intended for? As far as I know, the world blog came as a shortened version of web-log. But now even dictionaries already put the word blog as one of the entries. Check this out:
Wordweb defines it as :A shared on-line journal where people can post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies

Keywords are: on-line, daily, personal (experiences and hobbies)
I find the first two as OK. It is of course on-line, and preferably daily, or as routine as you can afford. More like an on-line diary, isn't it? I found it by my own experience that I can't, or perhaps not strong willed enough, write my blog daily. My bad, perhaps.

But the last keyword bothers me. Personal.
If you want to keep your logs as personal, why putting it online? In spite of the anonymity offered by the internet, somehow it might goes off anyway. Private things are to be kept private, I just re-realized it not so long ago. Hence, when you start a blogs, I guess one should be aware of their 'semi public' space. What to write on a blog should be somehow filtered. If you wanna make it as private as can be, just don't publish it in your blog.

Somehow I also ponder, so what's to put in the blog? I can, if I want to, put my daily activities, share it just like a dull report of activities I've done all through the day. I don't think I can stand it though.

I haven't done much of blog walking, but I came to the thought that… as beginner bloggers, you tend to share all about yourself. It's all about me, me, me. And I'm afraid I'll start that way as well. What I appreciate more, are actually those blogs who already write about other things that happens around us. The nation's news, the government's hot gossips… the new trends in internet. People can be so cool sometimes.
I don't think I can start right away like those cool people already been doing. Well, who knows in time I'll be like one of em, in my own way, of course.

I'd like to give a blog another try, after my first attempt in that old FS pages.. which stopped after several posts.  Hahaha…
A new friend told me that perhaps I could share things, even with the strangers. Because it might be easier to do, rather than holding it up all in our hearts, and get sick and lonely. Blogging could be a therapy, and also a way to find peace. Haha… True as it is or not.. Please kindly welcome me again in the world of blogging.

Nite y'all. That's for tonight.

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