Thoughts on Life

This thought came to me while I was on my way home today:

Life is not merely a bunch of checklist. But having a checklist (surely) can be helpful to go through to your life.

Why did I start to thinking about this?

As a matter of fact, today was another day at work where I had this WIP meeting, or Work In Progress meeting. I guess at some point, you young readers must have had such meeting too. At the meeting we ran through a list of to-do-list and update what’s the status about each tasks. Honestly, sometimes the meeting can be very stressing thing to face, other times it can be very the most boring thing.

Before one of those meeting could actually take place, all team members had to update the master list. And well, frankly it’s not always a smooth process, haha.. For some “control freak” I suppose it is really satisfying to see a thorough list of all things must be done. It is overwhelming too, of course. But there, you can see well the map of everything should and will be going on. What’s left then is just a matter of ticking off the tasks, or crossing them, or color them.. Whatever you wish.

So, going back to my initial thought..

pen-calendar-to-do-checklist copy

Owning list of goals is a wonderful thing and may be an inspiring thing, too. However.. Life is not a set of linear items. There will be disturbance, turbulences.. and who knows, hurricanes. When it happens (well, it has happened to me), I just have to keep holding on, moving on, because life goes on. We need to be somewhat flexible and adjust things to whatever happens before us.

It’s like “forget that checklist for a moment, and after some improvisation, get back to it later”..

I overslept before posting this one, that’s why I just posted it this morning. 

Well then, time to start another new day!
What’s in your checklist today? :)

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Life

  1. Today? Mamam mie ayam :D duh idupku sepele banget yaaaa. Hahaha
    Anw, anything can happened along the process but for sure though hurricane pass by, you have the friends to support you.
    Just WA me any time ;*

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