Highlights of My 2012

As I posted earlier in my Path, here’s a list of my 2012 highlights. Hope your 2012 was also a year to remember.

Glimpses of 2012
Glimpses of 2012

We (my family) have been in a long struggle with Mom’s sickness through out the year, but with joy here and there nonetheless. Yes there was tears too. But the bitter things are part of life, and I guess it makes the sweet parts even sweeter, and gave us lesson for our future.

Apparently I traveled quite much this year. Visited my sister and her family in Philippine, visited parents in Hong Kong while mom had her medication there, a trip to Yogyakarta to join and witness the celebration of Waisak (also known as Vesakh), attended Grandma’s funeral in Makassar, a holiday and short break to Singapore with boyfriend. I also almost made it to Surabaya for a cousin’s wedding, but cancel the plan since I got sick. I am in debt to some special friends for making these wonderful memories.

Our family moved out of home of 23 years in Bogor, to smaller house, still in Bogor though. Due to the circumstances, my younger sister and I had to handle some of the painful detailed process of selling and acquiring the house. Our parents were still at Hong Kong that time.

On work life. I resigned, then got into a new job, and then got repositioned. There were friends’ farewells, chances to meet and make new friends. Not all was easy. But am thankful of all that had happened.

Was a bride’s maid at a best friend’s wedding. Attended some lovely weddings of friends..
Cut my hair really short, mistaken as a polwan and even a taekwondo coach *haha*
Moved out of my previous kost to a new and comfier crib..
Got a new pair of running shoes (gotta make good use of them, still), bought a new roadbike, introduced to MBC (and gotta attend more)..
Sing as a background choir on a stage, kissed by Donald Duck ^^
Celebrated happy times with friends, set a financial plan for a family, short break with both sisters around *kiss*

And found a special someone who helped me through some of the difficult times,
and too, shared happy times (and made a memorable birthday) in 2012.
Thank you.

It was a blast. Looking forward for more in 2013 :)

13 thoughts on “Highlights of My 2012

  1. Happy New Year kak nath… wah dicium donald duck? Penasaran ama kostum donald ducknya,,,. :D
    yg masalah cut hair… bhihihik… iya mirip polwan n jeger banget… XD
    *ampun kak nath* peace…

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