Three Muskeeters


One by one, these three plushie toys started to accompany me at my working desk. The first one to arrive is the Teddy bear (remain unnamed) who started to sit guarding my coffee can since my 2nd or 3rd day in the office. He’s out of duty now, since the coffee’s got expired. So he’s free to e anywhere around my desk area.

Then the dog, whose name is Rustie, came like a week ago. He has a collar with a nametag on it, and it’s written with “Rustie”! I got him from my friends in Bandung for a somewhat farewell gift. Mike, Sigit, Erik, Tonnie, were the ones who gave it to me. Umm, Rustie’s been my close supporter now, literally. I sat on my chair with him *cough* behind *cough* me. Hehe, he’s strong enough to be my baxk supporter, I suppose. And when I’m needing something to hug, his midsize is just enough to fill the space between my embrace :).

Lastly, our newcomer! It would be the Red Angry Bird plushie, hahaha.. Bless him, I’ve already thrown him here and there thanks to his famous role as the catapult bullet in the famous game of Angry Bird, heehee.. I still haven’t got a name for him.. Need ideas, or else he’ll remain as the Red AB.

So today after I spent a while in a meeting earlier this morning, I arrived back at my desk, to find them already piled up on my chair!! LOL!! Either they were in a fight or in a welcoming party, but truth is, it was the not so Leo guy, @lifejoy who helped them get into this pose. I just couldn’t help it, I really should take their picture before disassembled them :))

Hope this trio will behave well and not creating any more fuss while they accompany me at office. Good night, my pets! :)

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