Awesome Weekend! – Saturday Part

So, with much effort to fight my procrastinating mood, I present you the Garage Sale Tweet Up pictures taken by various twitter friends from last weekend!! 

Here’s the sign of our Garage Sale.
Sorry Mr Biker, didn’t mean to include you :P

Here’s most of us :D


The Garage Sale on Saturday January 8th was arranged by fellows from @jtug, in memory of @tikuyuz. It was actually planned when we discovered she was so sick and in need of hospitalization. Though she’s no longer need hospital treatment, we think it’s good to keep this sale going and put the raised money into donation to her family. 


It turned pretty successful, we raised as much as 3,183 million to put into donation. And it was fun too, as this garage sale turned to be like a Tweet Up among old (virtual) friends. The title – and hashtag – #GarageSaleTU fits in very well, I say :)) I’ve met most of those who came up, but not everyone. And I bet for some others, that was our first meet up too. I didn’t really make a list on who’s coming and going, please add if I missed anyone :D


There were @aulia, @savitri and Fara – of course -, @dee_paramita and husband, @millyshafiq (and @shafiqpontoh later on), @absolutraia and Raia :D, @Mrs_Faiz and @babanyakayril – with their delicious cookies!!, @autami, @qronoz, @alderina and @farhanvsgnk, @somemandy and @ifahmi, @themma and @yonaa, @justcecile, @kapkap and @arisaja, @quixotes, @ayosehat, @atemalem, @sofiakartika…. and I don’t know who else coming and going *Somebody please kindly remind me :D – Apparently @yoshife short appearance was a lil forgotten, thanks for reminding! XD


We got quite many stuff to sell, books, cookies, magazines, clothings (but mostly of female’s department) and bags. Even collectibles like Star Wars action figures!

These are items that we had for sale: 


Star Wars books!


And random books ^^.

More books. Mandy’s thesis was accidentally put on sale too :))


@savitri’s items for sale



This is @absolutraia’s stand


Bags, mine and @autami’s


More bags and stuff :)


Home made cookies by @Mrs_Faiz!! *yummy!!!

I had a great time, and we all are that excited to arrange the next Tweet Up, probably a Baking TU, or Eating TU.. something that involves food for sure :))

By the way, what’s left from this Garage Sale – mostly the female clothes and bags – are meant to be donated later to orphanage. I still need to survey which orphanage will fit our types of goods best. If you do have idea, please let me know! :D

Till the next Tweet Up!! 

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