Amazing Weekend! – Sunday Part

Well, just trying to make it quick. I did my Parkour practice the first time last Sunday!! Yay!!!

Started the morning with an apple for my breakfast, while riding ojeg – because I was about getting late :)) Fortunately I made it just on time :)

Too bad there’s no picture of what I did during parkour first-timer practice.. And somehow I intend to keep it for myself first, to challenge you guys try it for yourself, especially my dear friends who said they wanna join and try Parkour too.. mwahahaha.. But sure thing is, as you can see in my pic after practice.. My white jacket got stained with mud and earth almost everywhere!! Hahaha… Do you still dare to try it? *evil laughter* 


After the Parkour and a little meal with my friend @alderina – sorry no pic here, forgot to take some – I went home, and took a slight detour to try out that new corridor of Transjakarta Bus. Or also known as busway. I traveled the bridge from Benhil station to the .. Plangi station? and this bridge is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED for those who’s afraid of height. Try it on your own risk *hehehe..

Good thing when I tried the bridge is, it’s still pretty much deserted so I could take pics freely, even tweeting while walking, and also secure enough from pickpockets or beggar that might somehow threatened my safety. I waited for the bus quite for a while, because apparently on Sundays, they have less armada than weekdays. 

There I also took pic of the interior of the bus – it’s a longer, connected buses. Finally, a glimpse of my outfit (after parkour): red dress.. with red socks and sport shoes. LOL!

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