Running, the way I feel it

It’s almost a week since I started running, and within this week, I’ve done so three times. Not bad for a start, isn’t it? :) This sudden mood and motivation for running simply came from my wish to have some exercises aside from work life routines. Being indoor most of the day, and lacking proper exercise seemed to cause me weaker, as in, I got sick easily, simple flu and cough.. But it takes longer to heal than it used to be. Or perhaps I just exaggerating my sickness.

But anyway, there are also other people who influenced me to start running. From twitter, dominantly. To name a few, there are @qronoz, @adhams, @pinot, @dondihananto.. And also @mryasha and @maylaffayza (the running violinist) :D.  I’m also interested to try Parkour, thanks to @qronoz’s continuous tweets on his activity. I’ve gone as far as coming to their practice venue on one Sunday, but I was like an hour late so I didn’t join the practice. And why was I so late? Well, it’s because I somehow got lost in looking for Kridaloka Park, their venue in Senayan.. *lol*

Three times of morning running session perhaps not much to be named as an achievement. But there are surely few things I can highlight from it. Here are some of it.

I grew up in housing real estates. So whenever I went out to play around my home, it’s all mostly houses and streets. Some small parks here and there, and community facilities such as swimming pool, minimarket, a very small fitness center and a medium function hall. Here in my current living area, I see more of urban life I’ve never experienced, and I tried to map them. Morning food vendor such as nasi uduk, bubur ayam. Small shops that sells daily groceries, laundry kiloan, public high schools, lot to keep goats and or cows, massaging service, and so on.. It’s actually amusing to look the area I live in closer perspective. 
Here’s some of the view I’ve seen. 

Then the interaction. Once or twice I’ve encountered silent smiling faces, several times already with a bunch of bapak-bapak satpam or whatever shouting a mixed expression of support and mocking *err… and also faces of admiration *I think.. Also students in their uniforms everywhere, walking or riding a bike, and later on blaring sounds of motorbikes and cars. When the vehicles aren’t out yet, in certain parts I can hear bird chirping too, but only if I stop the music playing through the earphones I’m wearing. In short, the whole experience is amusing.

And not to forget too, morning air is different. Fresher. Not as fresh as mountain air, but much better than daily pollution I suffer on Jakarta tough streets. You gotta start pretty early so when you’re out, the vehicles aren’t that packed already. 

All in all, morning running session like this, hopefully, will lead me to healthier life. We all need health, and some sports in our life. Who knows that I might inspire others too to start morning run :). And oh, last but not least to mention, there was @fannyfanny joined me on weekend running session – though we met for breakfast session only, haha! She too just started running, and we both still find it challenging to wake up early and run. But that was fun :)

So why don’t you try it yourself? :)


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