Bestest Friend

Yesterday I put few questions on Twitter asking about where did people meet their bestest friend or BFF (best friend forever). By “bestest friend” (just an extra comparative measure for ‘best’) I meant a friend that’s very close to you, knows you very deep, your bridesmaid/bestman to be. Somebody very close but not your spouse. 

I got quite a sum of replies, from 7 girls and 5 guys. Two of them said they met their BFF during Kindergarten, with extra details from one that they becoming BFF during junior high, 2 other said during Elementary, the other two said from Uni or campus life, one from prev job, one from outside school, but the popular answer would be during highschool, be it junior high or senior high. 

One of them answered me that during uni or highschool, we meet friends on regular basis, and there’s so much options available, so it’s easier to get a BFF during our school years. Of which I agree. But that doesn’t have to apply to everyone, nonetheless. 

Why did I ask that questions in the first place? Well, frankly back then, I just realized that I have been a come and go person. My kindergarten was in Sukabumi but then my family moved to another town, so I entered Elementary and Junior High in Bogor, in one school. Then I spent my Senior High at different school, Uni in another city, and worklife in the capital. Quite a jumper, perhaps :) 

I still remember friends from Elementary and Junior High, but didn’t maintain them well during Senior High, and so on. If I may say, I meet a lot of people and lot of friends, but not much who stays very close to me and still keeping in touch with me. Umm, if I was asked whom I want to be my bridesmaid, I can give you a name but the fact is I haven’t seen this girl for a long time, neither keeping touch via email, sms, fb, or whatever. Such an irony eh? Perhaps in the end I’ll just gonna point a current close pal to be one, without meaning any offence, please. 

But anyway, like I read somewhere, we shouldn’t be seeking for bestfriend. Be a bestfriend, then you’ll get one (or more) for yourself. 

Perhaps I haven’t been a good one. Hopefully, though, I still got the chances. No regret from the past should be treasured, just gonna try to mend the way I do before. 

Have a good day, friends! :) 


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