Out of the Blue

It is actually nice to see one's blog that got regularly updated. Even with short posts. But to my shame, I haven't ever yet succeeded in doing so. *blush For this kind of things, I guess I should not make any plan beforehand. I mean, if I told myself I would regularly updated my blog, daily, at certain hour, I would end up with procrastinating and giving excuses. Errmm.. You can call me lazy girl on this matter. I guess I don't have left excuses. 

Thus now, I just gonna do it. Just do it. Like that tagline from one famous brand. 
I've realized that when I do write (or type) I can extend the writing with longer yada yada yada, when I just let my thoughts flow. This happen already when I write emails to my sisters. We exchanged long emails (much longer than average length of emails) and we admit to each other that we like it. I suppose we can follow each other's stream of thoughts very well. 

Today I spent my lunch time alone. A nice portion of fettuccine cooked with butter, veggies and chicken breast. Just out of the blue, came a thought that sometimes being alone (but not lonely) is priceless. Enjoying being in the middle of all hush fuss ruckus, but observing them all in silence.. well it's my somehow like an oasis to me. There are times when I'd love to be in a merry crowd, and another time to be in 'my kind of peace'. There's time for everything. 

So now it's time to go back to work, LOL. Until later.

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