The Middle of the First Month

Seems like a dream which just passed by, now here we are, already passed the first two weeks in January of 2010. That makes half a month. And what have I done so far?

I’m gonna make two notes on what happened.

First, I just started the first post of my picture-blog. Joining the ‘movement’ of what so called #365shots I knew from Twitter, I’m gonna post one picture a day in this newly created photo-blog of mine. Check it in my Post It Shots: This is specially made for the #365shots, so there will be just one pic per day. For more pics I might have taken and good enough to be shared, I still gonna post it in the Post It Notes:

Second, I finally visited my dentist after like two months absence. In my patient card, it was written that the last time I got there was in October, while I actually still got an ongoing treatment. Shame on me! Hahaha… What made me visited her, was partially for the sake of the treatment, but another thing is because I got at least another two cavities. It used to be small and insignificant, but the last two days (at least) I suffer pain from them. Should be taken care, for sure. 

I’m glad that I’ve made these two things happening. 
I still gotta check the dentist next week, and the photo-blog should be maintained everyday. Hope that I’ll manage it, wish me luck!

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