Chatting is not recommended

I think chatting has its own flaws, and chatting is not as effective as we hope it would be. I’ve been in long distanced relationship or even mid distanced relationship, where I rely my communication on short messages services, phone, and also chatting. And today I just want to conclude that chatting is NOT effective.

It might also depends on the two people on the end of the channel. But here, let me try to point out how chatting fails me.

– In chatting, you lag.
– You write in short sentences, and sometimes it does not deliver the right message, hence a big chance of miscommunication.
– Your and his/her chat are not always in the same order here and there.
– You tend to assume that he/she also as free as you, and you demand attention. If he/she fails to fulfill your expectation, you grows uneasy, you assumes things. Assume = make ass out of u and me. Not good.
– You can misinterpret whatever he/she writes. A simple OK might be okay for a guy, Maybe a threat alarm to a girl.
– Doing chatting means you’re multitasking. Girls expect guys to do it as good as they do. In fact, guys might not always good at it, might not always bad at it. And even the girls are not always good at it. Involving feelings. It distracts. It disturbs.
– End of chatting is not always proper and clear good bye. Sometimes you just have to go urgently with no chance to say “Hey I gotta go, you take care dear”. Not good.
– He/she is online doesn’t exactly mean that he is free to chat.
– Being online and not even saying word could grow bad feeling on any side. But in a positive way, he/she might be busy. Then what’s the point of getting online when you’re not available. But when he/she is offline all the time, you too have worries in the back of your mind of “what is with him/her?”
– You could fall asleep when you’re chatting. Your connection might suddenly think it deserves a (long) break and out of nothing at all decides to stop cooperating.
– You don’t know what to talk on the chat. You make up topics, You feel stupid. You wanna stop chatting but at the same you still wanna chat with him/her. Can’t you think it would felt so bad?
– You don’t always appear as you are. When you don’t know what to say and you try to look nice. When you actually feel lazy to chat but he/she buzzed you first.
– You two don’t always have the fair chance to talk/write. Probably because you are multitasking.
– With this era of Blackberry, in this capital, sometimes the signal is too bad. The online status is a fake. And you lag badly. And it was not guaranteed that you can chat well using BB.

Might add to the list later on, this will do for now.

Anyway, back to my point of this post. I think I’m losing faith in chatting. I prefer emails. Handwritten letter, maybe? Sometimes we have to admit that old way still lives. Still function well. Okay, I’m not into comparing this with all the other social networking gadget. Not this time.
These days I don’t put so much faith and hope in chatting. Or I don’t want to.
Give me good reasons to consider doing chatting when doing relationships again.
For siblings, chatting might be good. But not in certain specific romantic relationship, especially when it’s in the very beginning, barely starting.

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