Don’t Trust Anyone

An advice from a pretty close friend of time : Don't trust anyone. 

I was going to ask back: Then how am I gonna trust you either?. 
But I didn't ask him.

It is not easy to gain trust. It is not always that easy as well to trust anyone. Remember, the one who hurts you most are the one whom you care the most.
If you cannot trust, how can you love? Can you love without trusting?
One might not want to ever love again, after going through betrayals, wounded and scarred. But doesn't love worth the cost and the pain, struggle and effort? Or, to make the position safer, just give a little of feeling instead of all at once, just to avoid more betrayals, more wounds. Just to get not hurt anymore, don't trust too deep to anyone. Just be cold hearted. 

Love and logic don't go along very well together. Love is a feeling. Logic is logic. Too much logic is going to freeze you. You won't be able to feel the warmth feeling of love anymore.

Just babbling around and I don't think I'm making much sense here.

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