2016: Be Happy!

I have written that 2015 is a pretty tough year for me in here. And now that new year 2016 has started, we definitely pray for a better, happier year. It’s always been like that, year after year.

There’s a little interesting ‘game’ I discovered in Facebook few days ago, to celebrate end of year. It says to put a post like this:

2015 is almost over, here’s a game.

– If you hate me, delete me from your friend list (please do).
– If you think I’m nice, like this status.
– If you consider me as a good friend, then comment!
– If you ever had a crush on me, poke me (no one will know).
– If you love me (or if you ever did) inbox me a heart, keeping it secret.
– If you’re brave, set this up as your status.

I saw plenty of my friends did it, and yes I do too, because why not? :D Jumping into this exciting ‘game’ will not give me any harm anyway. It’s to show that I’m brave enough, too.

But I want to add onto it a bit. It is for myself, and maybe for someone out there too.

Don’t let the social media define you.
Don’t depend your happiness from what you earn in social media.
Specifically, don’t let what you earn from that post make you unhappy because, for instance, you only have 20 Likes, 2 comments and no pokes (whaatt.. so no one had a crush on me??).
You posted it to say that you are brave and for fun, so just let it flow, enjoy it, but you shall not be upset of anything that comes out of it.

I am not against posting the status as I myself had done it and currently amusing myself of what I earned there. This short writing is just here to remind me myself, that I want to be happier in 2016, so let’s be happy :)

Wise people say happiness comes from within, it’s a state of mind. I would add it’s a state of heart. Smile, have a happy heart, be in peace.

Have a happy new year, everyone!

21 thoughts on “2016: Be Happy!

  1. Don’t depend your happiness from what you earn in social media.

    This is pretty hard actually, but we should be happier because we deserve it, whatever happens in internet.
    Happy New Year Nat. God Bless you and husband. ;)

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