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I happened to get several vouchers of Jack Rabbit, courtesy of Jack Rabbit and also They gave these vouchers during a food tasting panel I attended last June, where several bloggers and me tried their brunch menu. I should’ve made a review of the occasion, but one way or another I failed to manage so. I told myself that I’d just visit Jack Rabbit (JR) another time and write another review, and so here it is what you’re reading.

I finally went to JR with a friend of mine who decided to contribute a little review as well. We went there on a Friday night, and that night Jakarta’s traffic was bad, naturally. We arrived kinda late for dinner time, it’s a while after 8, and the restaurant was already packed. Fortunately, we made our reservation beforehand, and indeed you’d better make reservation before you come, or otherwise you might have to wait quite a long time for an empty table. 

From what I knew in previous gathering, JR serves American food, such as grilled steak and burger. They provided pasta as well, and since I didn’t really want a burger dinner, I ordered for Fettuccini Piselli with extra bacon, while my friend ordered the Jack Rabbit 10 oz BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) Burger. I suppose my friend knows what’s best to test from this kind of American restaurant.
As we waited for the food to arrive, we got complimentary dish: Bread and biscuit, with garlic butter and sweet butter. I didn’t find the bread that special, frankly. But it’s nice to have something to munch while waiting for the main course. Here’s what the platter looks like, and the menu:

After fifteen and a half minutes, our food arrived.
Not too bad, especially considering how packed the restaurant was. 


My fettuccini’s appearance is nothing too special. I could see the dried tomato and green peas under the cover of grated cheese, but my overall impression of the pasta was that the color is a bit pale. After tasting it though, I have to admit it was delicious!! Plenty of salmon and bacon flavored it well, and I must admit the (pork) bacon beats the other flavor hahaha.. But for me, it was yummy! Personal taste, mind you.
So now, what about the BLT burger?

My first impression of the BLT Burger was.. it was huge! And it surely made me wonder, would it be very special compared to other fast food burgers we know? Beforehand, my friend explained it well to me though: what would determine the specialty of the burger, is the grilled patty (the meat). Overcooked meat would be all dried up and lost all the juices, and hence, losing the yummy taste of the meat. What would make grilled meat delicious is, in fact, the fresh meat juice that comes out while it’s being cooked (but not overcooked) – the liquid which most people thought as blood, but actually is not.

Burger’s beef patty is commonly served well done or medium, and we ordered for medium for that night. As it was way too big for one’s mouth to bite, the trick of eating a big burger is actually split the burger into two halves, and you bite each half in turn. We checked the meat after split it, and voila… it was deliciously juicy, just the right medium cooked level. And it was proven allright, such juicy burger wouldn’t need extra sauce or mustard. Both of them were hardly touched at all, except for the french fries which was served with cheese on top. The french fries was nice, but nothing too special. But yeah the burger was good, and again, huge! XD

The ambience of this restaurant was okay, a bit noisy when you’re inside, expectedly, that’s why we picked a table located outdoor. We could still enjoy the lighting, looked at the transparent wall to kitchen, and saw the construction project across… such a metropolis view, don’t you think?

Though I was pretty much full, I made up my mind to order the dessert, chocolate lava cake. It was so very yummy when I first tried it during food tasting panel. But that night, somehow, the lava cake lost some of its magic, not as delicious as I could remember. Or perhaps I was getting too full? Haha.. I didn’t manage to finish it in the end, but I did eat all the ice cream. The lava cake came with a cute chocolate rabbit as decoration, you can see it in the picture:

The meal was quite pricey, the fact that we spent more than 400k. 150k alone was for the BLT, and Fettuccini was 95k with the extra bacon. Average price of drinks was about 25-30k, and the dessert was 55k. I suppose it is quite pricey because we pay for the ambience as well, but good thing that we had good time and experience during our visit this time, and of course, we got vouchers to cover most of the bill *grin* . I took the picture of the bill’s holder, it says there “You’ve been served”, which is not commonly seen in other places. I hope they’d continue to serve well with such bills holder like that.. hahahae..

If you want to know more of Jack Rabbit, you can check their website, which allows you online reservation, or their Facebook Page. I also found Jen’s and Selby’s review of the food tasting panel, if you want to know more about JR’s brunch menu and food tasting. But overall for me, I had good experience with Jack Rabbit. One thing to remember, still, it’s best to make reservation before visiting this restaurant. You don’t want your appetite ruined for waiting too long, do you?

Here’s their contact should you need it:

Jack Rabbit

Cyber 2 Tower Ground Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said X-5 No.13
Jakarta 12710

ph. +62 21 29021357
fx. +62 21 29021612

Disclaimer: All pictures were taken using BlackBerry 8900, and edited in Picasa.
Please do not take or use any photos or content without permission.


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