From Nederland

Here’s a dark glimpse of a dance performance I saw last Saturday at Erasmus Huis.


It was a contemporer dance by Noord Nederlandse Dans, a dance group with nine dancers, each from different nationality. Their dance looked like ballet to me, perhaps it IS contemporer ballet. I was awed with their physical capability, flexibility, strength, and stamina.

They performed 3 dances, titled Scissors, Rock, and Shadow Boxer. Each lasted about 10 to 15 minutes, and though danced very gracefully and beautifully, must be tiring anyway. 

The first dance in particular, was involving mobile lighting. There were like four or five lamps which were movable, with wheels attached, and dancers took turns to move the lights, while one or several of them danced and (as if) interacted with the light. So meaningful. I kept on thinking, what could be the story behind of each dance..

Overall, the dance amused me, since I never actually seen live dance such like theirs. There is beauty in silence, communication through movement, and even the song’s lyric (for some). Hope I will get another chance to see this kind of performance in the future :)


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