From Ubud


It has been more than a month since I attended TEDx Ubud, but there are lingering thoughts and feelings I still carry on.

 Among those thoughts.. are the words of Rodolfo Young’s talk. About being honest to yourself and express yourself to the fullest. Be free. 

And being free would be like this: the rain pours down and the world’s wet, we step out of our umbrella, get wet, feel the rain on our skin. And to top it all, we dance under the rain. 
Shall we have a dance, under the rain? :)

The rain, the energy in form of waterdrops, will energize us. This world is containing energy, formed from energy, everywhere and everything.. And there are many channels to distribute the energy.

I suppose being involved in TEDx experience and being TEDx volunteer are some of those ways.

We have our own ways and our own path..
What have you been doing to be the channel of this world’s energy? :)

Feel free to leave your comment!

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