Running.. and then Cycling



Last year on December, I started to run. I had morning jogging session every once in a while, and I liked it. I even using an application in my mobile phone to track distance I traveled and the time I required. 

Then laziness attacked. It’s getting harder for me to wake up early for morning jogging session. Night run? Would love to try it, but I somehow successfully made myself too busy to try even once. 

And there’s another thing. I tried cycling. I got a bike lent by @_cyclor. And despite all the hassles and (again) the laziness, I’m liking it as well. And I got myself a bike of my own. I call the bike, Alexandra Levine. I even joined the challenge to do cycling 1000 km in one year. 

Skip and fast forward the story… I just went out for a night ride. A solo ride from my place to Blok M area, then go back home. About 5.4 km to destination, and 6.5 km to go back.

… I actually still got workload to do, and I always have the option to stay at office and do the work, but I didn’t choose so. And all the way to and fro on the bicycle, I keep asking myself why am I riding the bike through the night, even though it was already late, even though it was drizzling… and I still found that I’m enjoying myself, and also enjoyed the sensation of being stared at, whenever traffic light went red and I gotta wait for the green. I was the only one cyclist in the middle of the motorbikes pack *hahaha*

Well, I suppose I need the adrenaline rush. Despite the sweat, and the smell, and the tiredness, I did look forward for the heated feeling. Your heart beats faster. Your breath shorter, for a while. Your awareness increases. Those kind of things. 

It’s somehow like a meditation. Alone, on your bike, out on the street. Gotta take care of yourself during the ride, anticipating the traffice, motorbikes, cars, people here and there.. You’re alone with your own thoughts..

I still want to run, once in a while, but I gotta manage my time so I can get up early for morning session. For me, running is also meditative, and really puts your body to work.
Cycling does too. But the difference (for me) is, with cycling I can cover longer distance (tougher runners could do that too, yeah) and that gives me more chance to enjoy my surroundings. And I can also carry more stuff in my bicycle basket *grin*

Tomorrow.. wait. No, actually it’s tonight, I’m gonna have another night ride. This time, with a bunch of friends from @bike1000km, and new friends too. I’d better get some rest now.

Hello, April! Good night!

3 thoughts on “Running.. and then Cycling

  1. emang bersepeda itu paling enak malem2, adem gitu cuacanya.. cuman ngeri kalo ga keliatan sama pengendara kendaraan bermotor euy..

  2. Nath… kapan kita sepedaan bareng lagiiii….. >__<Lha panggilannya apa ini, Alexandra, Levine, atau Lexy… #ehSalam dari Sherry (sepedaku)

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