Why oh Why?

Just the day before yesterday  I watched this particular TEDtalk by Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action. I’ve been knowing this video for a while – even marked it as favorite – but just hadn’t watched it completely any earlier. And it was indeed something worth my time to watch. 

In the video, Simon actually shares to us, the secret of success. People don’t buy what you sell, people buy what you believe. 

Interested? I recommend you to watch it yourself if you have the time. Don’t forget that you can turn on the subtitle (at least to English) if you need it. 


Watching this video makes me challenging myself of those things I’ve been doing. Why I do it anyway? To make it a little bit more focused, my question would be : Why did I start blogging and why (after a while) I’m back writing my own blog now?

I just dug my oldest blog I could remember to see if there’s anything I wrote there saying why I started this whole blogging thing. My first blog was under Friendster website. 

There, in my monologue, I did say I do have the interest to start writing and blogging because my friends do it, and they wonder why I haven’t joined. And when I finally made that first post, I only outlined how the process of registering a new blog really took some of my time, and with many aspects to decide. No clear explanation of why. I just suddenly started, on some good date to remember. 

But why did start I writing? 
Why am I now sitting and typing all these things in my thought?

In another post, titled “Refining Blogging“, which happened to be the first post I made for this blog, I wrote something like this : 

A new friend told me that perhaps I could share things, even with the strangers. Because it might be easier to do, rather than holding it up all in our hearts, and get sick and lonely. Blogging could be a therapy, and also a way to find peace.

Reading the lines give me some sense of … coming back home. 
It reminds me of my own reasons of why am I doing this, which would be a sum up of several things: 

I want to write. I want to let out my thoughts. I believe I can’t holding up all things in my head and my heart all by myself. I need somebody else outside of me, who would listen to me (or read my writing, in this case) and giving reaction, responding to me. Here’s where your comments take part. I appreciate your comments, because you let me know that you are there and reading me. 

I believe that writing is interacting. By writing this, I’m starting an action. And this action, hopefully, will cause reaction. With good intention to start this… Even though little, I can actually help filling the world with positive vibe.

I did stop because I lost faith that I can contribute. I distracted myself with so much fun for myself, that I forget to do something for others. 
Now I’m back, and I’m glad writing still makes me feel good. Sometimes I’m too demanding of myself. I should try to be less tense and keep the happiness :). 

So… it’s the 7th day of 2011 and I still haven’t greeted you *grin*. 
Happy new year 2011!! May this year be a beautiful one. For you and me :).


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