My December Highlights (part two)

Continuing my previous post, this is the second highlight of my December:


Copy pasting from the web of TEDxJakarta itself:

TEDxJakarta is a passionate community interested in spreading remarkable ideas to the city’s keenest minds who will take the ideas and use them as a catalyst for change in their respective communities.

All TEDxJakarta events have been 100% community driven where attendance is free, the speakers are not paid and the organizers are unpaid volunteers. Past TEDxJakarta talks have been oversubscribed by between 50 and 100 per cent. The group videotapes all talks and, in keeping with TED guidelines, plans to make them available online.

There already are some published posts (like this one by @dimasnovriandi) on this event on December 19th, so I’ll try to make it short with few pics I snapped myself. For more details on what is TED, you can also check their website

This my second time volunteering for TEDx, the first time I volunteered was in July 2010.  Back then I was helping in registration desk. There were two registration officers, and we handled about 430 people trying to be listed mostly  half an hour before the event started. That was hectic!

The TEDx letters scattered on the floor.
Taken on D-2, when we were preparing the decorations.

This time I helped coordinating the Merchandise Department, and eventually I also coordinated Merchandise desk, Registration desk, and basically most of the volunteering ushers. On the D-day, I arrived at the venue on 8am even though the event is scheduled on 2pm. At first it wasn’t that panicky, but as we  were approaching the show time… there’s always this and that to be done and  needed extra care of. Registration desk is always getting hectic at some point anyway, and again, the place was overcrowded, more people are coming into the hall than we planned and arranged in the first place. I finally started to relax only after the registration finally closed.

Registration desk on duty.
The girls and me. We took it after we’re closing :D

As one of the volunteers who got to stand by outside the hall during most of the beginning, I didn’t get the chance to watch the whole presentations, as it happened in the fifth TEDx as well. In fact, I only watched the presentations after the break time. And even after the whole event finished, I couldn’t stay behind too long since I was to attend a colleague’s wedding reception in Grogol area. 

It was a very tiring day, but I’m glad we’d made it. And above that, I’m super glad that we had so many positive responds from the attendees. This kind of reaction is what makes volunteering does worth it. Feels good when I know I can help to give a change to the world, even little. I hope TEDxJakarta can always bring good vibe to us all. It’s all about ideas worth spreading. :)

Sanggar Roda performing on 6th TEDxJakarta stage.
From 2010 TEDx December

Here’s another blog post on 6th TEDxJakarta by @kangmasronn, and a collection of pictures by @thomasarie. I hope TEDxJakarta will keep on spreading, and I also sincerely wish that us, the volunteers and all that have been helping, could keep doing our best on it. Good luck for all of us in 2011!

One thought on “My December Highlights (part two)

  1. Thanks for sharing from the “insider” view Nath. By far, TEDx was the best experience for me in 2010. Can’t wait for the next event :)

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