My December Highlights (part one)

So, December has been a very wonderful month to me. Here’s I’m gonna write about the wonderful events I’ve been participated in. So sorry that I didn’t write about it earlier, but hopefully I can still share you the joy and fun from each and every highlighted events. :D Since this seems gonna be a long writing, I decided to break it into several parts. Enjoy!

The first highlight of my December:

Social Youth-preneurship Summit


This was an event arranged by Ashoka Indonesia on December 10th, took place in Museum Bank Mandiri, Kota Tua, Jakarta. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know a thing about Ashoka and the event itself. I was simply recruited by a friend’s friend, to help as one of the volunteers. Apparently they assigned me as the interpreter for the foreign speakers. 

To tell you another confession, actually, if it’s not to the event, I would have never visited the museum yet. Hahaha…

Museum Bank Mandiri, the venue

This social youthpreneurship summit was a one whole day event, started from morning 8am up until the closing performances which ended around 9pm++. Simply outlined, the schedule was opening speeches – including a keynote speech from Rhenald Kasali – coffeebreak, 1st breakout session, lunch, 2nd breakout session, coffee break, 3rd breakout session, dinner, and closing. During each breakout sessions, there are 5 to 7 sessions held at the same time, in different rooms/area by different speakers and of course covering different topics. 

Rhenald Kasali with his speech during the opening

My major responsibility was to assist the foreign speaker during their sessions, and there were only two of them, one before lunch and one after. Aside from that, simply to say, I’m free to roam around and join the other participants of the event, if I would. 

A little introduction first, we had two guests from Thailad : Ponchan aka Newey, and June. Newey is like June’s mentor, and she’s the one who will have a session later on. June is still 19, and she teaches dance and singing to young need children in Thailand. She’s inspiring people to find happiness through music :). From India, we have three guests: Vipin, Kritikha, and Ashok. Vipin is the chaperone, and the one who’ll be presenting in session. Krithika and Ashok are the young changemaker back in India. Ashok gather children and youngsters to play soccer. I forgot about Krithika (sorry dear!) but she’d dance in the closing performances, and so did June. Couldn’t wait for their show!

Newey and June
These are Vipin, Ashok and Krithika

The event started pretty late. Instead of 8am opening ceremony and speeches, they just started at 9-ish. The participants, all of which were Indonesians, seemed to be quite understanding of the flexible schedule. Not the foreign speakers though. I felt a bit uneasy when explaining the situation to Newey, the speaker who comes from Thailand. And even more uncomfortable when I informed to Newey later, her session would be shorter than scheduled. Fortunately she’s still cool about it. :)

Since the session was shortened, I deliberately let Newey to do her session herself, which was about “Theory of Change”. I did ask the participants before the session, if any of them would like any help with translation, feel free to ask. And no one asked anything during the session, hihihi.. But one of the older participants then talked to me in person, she saw that some very young participants were unable to follow the session because of language barrier, and I really should do bilingual session from the beginning. I thanked her advice and just smiled. 

Well, she might not knowing that this session was officially shortened (when we started, we weren’t confirmed yet how long the session would be and my predicitionof our allocated time was only half an hour). And I didn’t expect that Newey actually finished her session quick enough to allow us do some sharing and Q&A. But anyway, it’s good that the first session went well – with minimum translation :P

Lunch was good, the food was quite tasty, and I had a chance to talk with Vipin, the speaker from India. He asked me about things like:  what do I really wanna do in life? Why not doing it? What stops me?… I just found out later that his session was about “Going beyond fear”. Well he certainly did try to motivate me even during lunch break, I think. 

There was actually some confusion about the interpreters’ assignment and room allocation. Aisha, the other interpreter I’m supposed to team with, and the one who’s supposed to assist Vipin on his session, seemed to get an outdated information of the location of Vipin’s session. Which is why I ended up assisting Vipin, and alone in the beginning. (I thought I could be off duty early, hihihi) This session I discovered there were only 2 young ones who needed translation assistance, while the other 15++ ones are fluent enough in English. So I told them to sit close to me, and I tried to translate to them simultaneously while Vipin did his presentation. This worked quite well. In the middle of the session, Aisha came up (after getting lost for a while, I think), so she did the rest of the translation herself. Seemed that she’s not that ready for such simultaneous translation, but oh well, I’d let her anyway. :)

Here’s the marching band practice.

After the 2nd session, I’m officially off duty, because no more sessions by foreign speakers afterwards. Apparently the speakers took time to get some rest back in their hotel (or even went shopping in one of the malls, hahaha). I spent my time looking at the marching band practice, tweeting from laptop and doing nothing useful until dinner time. Had dinner and chatting with two new friends there. 

The reason why I stayed though off duty, is because I looked for the closing performances!! As I said before, Krithika and June had their dancing performance that night. And I’m so glad I stayed around till late, I enjoyed their dancing a lot! :D

June and Kritihika both in their dancing costumes..
While Ashok in his party outfit, I suppose :)

Another thing is, apparently the other interpreters (there were four of us, in total) had left after the sessions. So it’s just me there helping them with the languange. The committee could help them too, but most of them were too occupied already. I didn’t see it an extra duty, but it’s an experience to get to know them better, and to smoothen my poor English, haha… 

There were Young Changemaker’s awarding night too, and some band performance, before the dancings. It was ended with a fashion show by Jember Fashion Carnival. A merry fashion show indeed!

After the closing performances, closing pic

After the closing, apparently some of them hadn’t had dinner yet, since they had rest back at hotel, while the dinner was provided at the summit’s venue. So we went out for some supper, and it was by luck we found this small Thailand restaurant around Mangga Besar area. I’m glad June wasn’t disappointed at her Tom Yam Kung :D. And the restaurant lady was very kind, she even took a picture of us here. 

Supper at the Thailand Restaurant

And the decoration of the restaurant actually impressed us, especially this Buddha painting/photo. Took some pics in front of it as well. I got back home like midnight, after the supper, and the day was quite tiring. But that was a day to remember, and I’m so glad that I can have a collection of memory like this to be shared :D

My favorite pic :)

This event was also covered by Seputar Indonesia, here’s the article, in Indonesian. 

Here I also found a writing on the Summit, and for more pictures you can check this FB photo album by Ashok, and also here’s my Picasa Album, though I have the FB Photo Album as well :)

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