Rain Makes Me Mellow

Maybe I’ve been away from Bogor’s rain too long, maybe it’s the headache I’ve been having.. But what I’m sure of, the rain that pours down outside makes me mellow.

A holiday should be a time to refresh your mind. Or in this special holiday, for some, it’s time to celebrate your re-purified souls. My head is not getting much better though. When my eyeballs try to look left, I feel pain stabbed the side of my head. It started when the holiday started and still lasts till now. It’s best if I just lay down and not moving too much. And that gives me moment to ponder things, when I’m not reading books or watching movies.

What is the passion of my life? What would I wanna be? Where should I go and what to do?

Too serious of questions to be asked during rainy day, eh? I guess they are our questions, everyone of us, but with different answers, that would come at different timing.

I just wanna be happy. But I can’t define my happiness. Not at this moment. My heart and mind is too full of anger, disappointment, hatred and sorrow. I know I can’t think clearly this way. I need to cleanse myself first.

Perhaps that’s what the rain is for. I should try to let the water wash me.
Let me step outside now..


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